The Struggles of Being A Tall Man

There are numerous things that feed into your daily lifestyle based on your height . If you are six feet or taller, i’m sure you can relate to this. There isn’t a day that goes by that your height is not recognized in one way or another. Whether it be because you have to duck through door frames, crouch to wash your hair in the shower, or sit uncomfortably in a movie theatre, and all of this is due to your excessive height. You also have to listen to people point out how tall you are all the time, as if you didn’t already know. People always assume that since you are tall, that you are good at sports. It is hard to find someone even similar to your height to date, so you usually have to bend down a few feet to kiss your significant other. You usually have to take photos sitting down or kneeling so that everyone fits into the photo, not to mention your huge appetite. You eat more than the average person because you are about double the size of the average person. All of these things contribute to the struggles of being big and tall, but one of the main struggles that tall men face is finding clothes that fit.

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