Advantages of Being Tall

People that are tall have major advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages usually fit into the category of being uncomfortable. Most things were not created with the six foot five person in mind. Things like airplanes, movie theatres, and standard cars were not designed for the exceptionally tall. However, there are some nice advantages to being tall.


Most people want tall romantic partners. Why? Because being tall is associated with being good looking. Tall people have been scientifically shown to attract more mates. They have also been shown to be better earners. Studies have shown that people who are tall generally earn about $800 more per year, per inch than their co-workers which makes them good providers.


Tall people get more opportunities and make more money. Tall people dominate industries that require social interaction because they appear strong and confident due to their physical stature. Tall people are more likely to be promoted and make more money because we subconsciously associate leadership with height.

Social Presence

Tall people rarely face issues in social situations. They are more memorable due to their height and more noticeable because you can’t really ignore someone who is six foot five. Tall people are also never wallflowers because people are more likely to approach strangers with unique and interesting traits. Being tall also improves your safety because it makes you appear strong; therefore, people will not try to mess with you because you do not seem like an easy target.

Advantages in Sports

Ok so this is a major stereotype, but it's true. Basketball players have easier access to the ball and the hoop, track stars have to take less strides to go further, and tennis players have better reach; all of these are a plus in the sports department.

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